Kristen Swanson

Relationship: Client

Project Date: September 2018

Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999

My husband and I hired TFO Contracting Solutions to provide us with project drafts and a budget for a large scale remodel we we're planning to complete. We initially hired them because they were an all inclusive contracting service, meaning that they would take us from design through construction. We interviewed several agencies that could provide this service, and TFO was the best we saw. I loved Pam's vision and her easy personality. She makes you feel like a friend from day one

Pam and John were great, visiting multiple times and bringing subcontractors with them to give realistic estimates of both money and time needed to complete various projects. TFO provided us with three (!) Draft designs to choose from, and then tweaked the one we picked to make it perfect.  

Ultimately, using TFO's services helped us to realize that a remodel would not fix the largest issues we had with our home. Their attention to detail in the drafts and specific, line item budget ultimately helped us decide. . . To sell! I don't think my husband and I could have made that decision without having gone through this process. Completing the design and budget with Pam and John allowed us to realistically look at the work to be done, the time frame to complete it, and the cost of the job. When we really sat down at the end of the process and looked at the proposal they had completed, it helped us to decide to move on from that home and into our current one.  
I can't thank TFO Contracting Solutions enough for their involvement on our project!

John T.

Relationship: Client

Project: Remodel or Renovate a Single Room

Comments: Great company - they do outstanding quality work. Pamela is a dream to work with. They have sub-contractors that are life time employees. This is a husband and wife team and they have become like family. We had a very extensive job to be completed (total renovation) and we are extremely happy with our new home. Pamela is very creative and has great ideas and suggestions. She actually designed most of the plans giving us three different options. Communication was outstanding and they were able to deal with the common construction issues that arise normally in any project without a glitch. I cannot say enough about TFO Contracting Solutions. I strongly recommend as this is an Extraordinary Professional.

Gregory Marcy Drafting and Design Services

Relationship: Colleague

Project Date:  September 2017

Pam Crane and the TFO team are absolutely fabulous to work with! I have helped them with producing design and construction documents for several projects and each one has turned out beautifully. Pam is an incredibly talented designer and interacting with her creatively has led to some really great designs. They are thorough in their work and are great at letting clients know exactly what to expect early on and often throughout the process. On top of that, they are kind and thoughtful. I cannot recommend Pam Crane and TFO highly enough for your home renovation residential building needs!

Julie B.

Project: Design a Kitchen

Comments: The quality assurance is really amazing. She really excels at making sure the customer is satisfied and that she produces quality work.

Hope Dansby - Century Glass, Columbia, SC

Relationship: Colleague

Project Date:  January 2018

TFO is a great, professional company to work with . Century Glass has worked with them for several years. We can always come behind their work to install shower glass and we never have an issue with their quality of work.  Their customers are always happy and I recommend them to customers needing any contracting or design work to be performed.  I personally went to a home they remodeled and was very impressed.  It was absolutely stunning.  They put their hearts into every job they do.  I highly recommend Pam, Adrienne and their crew!!

Barbara Assunta West

(WEST Master Bath Project)

Relationship: Client

Project Date: August 2017

Project Price Range: $10,000 - $49,999

Pam was my contractor for the total renovation of my master bathroom. She and Adrienne were with me through every step. They allowed me to make changes as we went along so that the end result was exactly the way I wanted it. Their subcontractors are easy to work with and did an excellent job especially the cabinet maker. Any concerns or questions along the way, she was right on it and eased my mind. I loved working with her. Pam made it fun and enjoyable and kept the project on track. Her designs and advice really pulled the project together. I would highly recommend TFO Contracting Solutions for your project, you won’t go wrong. Their work is excellent.

Craig and Christie Young

(ROBAULD Project)

Relationship: Client

Project Date: June 2016

Project Price Range: more than $100,000

We hired TFO Contracting Solutions to renovate our 100 year old cottage. This was a huge undertaking, but Pam and her team had creative and trending ideas that combined the old with the new beautifully! Pam is very detailed with her designing and will make sure the job is done right. We are very happy in our New/Old lovely Cottage!

Gwen Carroll

Relationship: Other

Project Date: November 2011

Project Price: more than $100,000

Amazing contractor, easy to work with. My husband and I purchased a house from Pam that was renovated by them.

Billie Lawing 

Relationship:  Client

TFO did an AMAZING job on my kitchen/living room remodel. I am so impressed with their ability to deliver at every step ---on time and on target! I LOVE THE WORK THEY DID!!! Thank you Pam and team for designing and creating a living room and kitchen that I love coming home to!!! I will be using your company again in the near future!!