Metal Facelifts for some old Doors & a cool faucet!

We recently ran into a challenge when restoring some of the original doors for the Shealy House renovation.   After replacing the mortise locks with reproduction locks from House of Antique Hardware, we were left with some holes that needed to be addressed.  

Shealy door with lock hole.jpg

We commissioned Lee Boozer with Heritage Custom Fabrication to help us come up with a creative solution.  Lee used pieces of shiny copper and came up with a great design, but the color did not fit the house or the overall feel of the home.  

Copper Plate upright BEFORE.jpg

Jon had a great idea involving darkening the copper.  We did some research and found this GREAT product from Sculpt Nouveau.  

We watched a couple of videos and then attempted it ourselves.  We were surprised by the ease of application and amazed with the result.  In our world, we typically think it is going to be easier than it this case, it actually was!  

One of the things I love about old homes, is that you can do something like this on one door and something totally different on every other door...nothing has to be exactly the same.  In renovation and construction that is usually unacceptable, but in an old home it's called "character!"  

Shealy copper plate front bath shower.JPG

Inspired by the picture below we found on Pinterest, Lee with Heritage Custom Fabrication worked his magic once again and was able to create a replica of this door plate so that we could use during a similar Robauld challenge!

Because of Lee's patience and willingness to help, we were able to save the original 1920s front door, creating a real statement and offering some much needed curb appeal.  

Robauld Old Front Door before.JPG

An inexpensive way to save an old door and create a great conversational piece that the client loves!

Robauld Front Door and Foyer AFTER.jpg

For both projects above, after we achieved the desired look, we simply sprayed the plates with this great Minwax product to protect them.  We rely on this product for a lot of our projects!

We had such great experience with the way the door plates turned out that when one of our newest clients had a challenge with their tub faucet we decided to try the same technique.  We are renovating their 20 year old bathroom and with this time period comes those beautiful bright gold brass finishes. 

Guyette Tub Faucet BEFORE.jpg

The client wanted to use all oil rubbed bronze finishings in her new master bath.  We were going to simply replace this faucet, but once removed, the size of the tub spout and and knobs were an unusually large size.  We were having a hard time finding oil rubbed replacements and we needed to cover up the space where years of sun had discolored the existing cultured marble that we were hoping reuse.  Plus, we loved the size of them and thought they had so much character.  Once again, we turned to Lee with Heritage Custom Fabrication.  After sandblasting them, they immediately looked much better.  We are not 100 % sure if this is zinc, nickel or some other metal, but loved the direction it was headed.

Guyette tub faucet 2nd phase.jpg

After spraying all of the components once with the same Sculpt Nouveau product used on the door plates, this is the result.  I absolutely LOST it and the client was really impressed!!!  I am in love and if it were left up to me, this is all I would do to them short of spraying them with the poly above.  We are going to add one more coat of the Sculpt Nouveau's deep darkening spray to see if we can accomplish the desired finish to match the rest of the new faucets that have been purchased for the master bath renovation.

The finished project will be posted to 320 GUYETTE Master Bath in a few weeks.