about us

TFO Contracting Solutions is a local full service GC Firm specializing in creative ways to help clients reimagine and redefine their existing space. We have been rehabbing and renovating our own homes since 1995, so creating a business offering these services seemed like a natural fit. We work with clients struggling to redefine their existing space. Through our creative process we are able to help clients maximize their existing space and completely redesign their home or office in a way that makes sense, adds value and works for them. Our design team selects and coordinates all aspects of the project from paint colors, lighting, tile, flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc.

The struggle is real.” This is a quote a friend of mine recites quite often and it fits our business model perfectly. Our clients are truly struggling with their space and trying to figure out how to make it work for them.

Design and drafting services was not a service we offered initially, but because of this very real “struggle”, this portion of our company evolved into it’s own company, Phase One. This service sets us apart from our competition and helps our clients visualize the potential of their existing space.

Our Cabinet Division, much like our design and drafting services, developed from a desire and need to give our clients beautiful and functional cabinetry. Attention to detail is needed in every aspect of our design and construction, and especially critical when it comes to the carpentry portion of our projects. Relaying carpentry specifics, such as cabinets, shelving, built ins, trim, etc. to our team members from the start of the project helps ensure a successful end result.

Outdoor living spaces are a must in the South. Because of our great weather, southerners are able to utilize the outdoors a good portion of the year. We have seen an increasing need for our clients to bring the indoors out and create amazing, entertaining and aesthetically pleasing hang out spots while enjoying our great southern weather! Patios, decks, porches (with or without fireplaces), outdoor kitchens, driveways, etc. are just a few places we have helped our clients redefine their exterior spaces.

TFO will contintue to evolve and develop ways to help our clients realize their spaces potential.

Photography courtesy of Preston Cook, Jordan Young and JP Crane